Adding spice to the social life

Late last year I provided some illustrations for Yeshen Venema's new website identity. The basis of Yeshen's business is product and lifestyle photography, so I decided to communicate this through using a selection of household and personal objects. The simple line drawing style is a nice contrast to the rest of the beautifully photographed images that are featured on his site, and avoids any clash so they can 'breathe easily' alongside each other. The textured circles allude to the camera lens, as well as capture the natural grains and features that Yeshen depicts so well in his photographs. 

Initially I had promised to tailor-make some social media icons to compliment the illustrations, but got distracted with other work. We occasionally remembered and reminded each other, but somehow 'things' kept on coming up that pushed the task out of mind again. This week both memory and time aligned, I picked up my trusty Rotring pen and put it to work. Drawing once again upon the household object theme, I used salt and pepper shakers to communicate the idea of looking to social media to discover 'the little unknown extras' about a person/business. I gave the RSS feed a different symbol, a small purse, connoting the riches you'll receive by signing up!

Overall I was really pleased with how the social media icons came together. They complement the other illustrations beautifully and are sure to stand out amongst the great sea of social icons across the web.