A New Expression

When I was recently asked to design a flyer and poster for the new run of shows that theatre group 1927 are set to tour the UK with, I was both very excited and slightly daunted by the idea of creating a poster that would live up to the impressive visual language of the show and the many brilliant posters and flyers that had been created by Paul before me. Armed with a couple of versions of previous posters, I began to draw inspiration from the German Expressionism that oozed from the show. It had only been a few weeks earlier in January, when I had taken my mum, my fiancé and his mum to see the 'Animals and Children took to the Streets' show, so it was still fresh in my mind. 


Shadows were the first thing that came to mind when I thought of the show's aesthetic and I thought back to one of the most iconic images of German Expressionist film - the shadowy figure of Nosferatu climbing the stairs. At first I gave the lead animated character (Evie) the intimidating shadow, it looked great but it didn't work well with the narrative of the show, where Evie is seen as more of an innocent victim. Paul from 1927, loved the idea of the shadow and he suggested that I use one of the Wolves that feature during the show instead. When I put Wolfy into the mix it worked perfectly, both visually and narratively! 


The back of the flyer was another design challenge, but this time mostly because it needed to include so much information on tour dates and venues. I brought Evie to the back of the flyer and had her interact with the text the same way she does on the front of the flyer. This helped to make it a little more fun and interesting despite the lengthy copy. Although it didn't involve using my own drawings, I still enjoyed the challenge of using existing elements to create a fresh perspective for such a striking and individual show.