Animation for a Cause

Animation For a Cause

Animation for a Cause has just launched on a mission with Rocket Hub. Their objective, to raise $60,000 to fund future one-minute animation projects to support non-profit organisations in promoting their causes.

When I first came across Animation for a Cause, the idea of using animation to help make the world a better place was reason enough for me to want to get involved and help in any way that I could. And, after some correspondence with the AFC team, they asked me if I would be interested in designing a product for their crowd funding campaign. I was thrilled to help out and got started on a few concepts inspired by the AFC.

I set out to design something unique that not only captured AFC’s passion for animation, but would also get the audience themselves involved in the process of creating. I thought back to the Thaumatrope, an antecedent of animation and popular toy in Victorian times, which used the persistence of vision to entertain its subjects. I have vague memories of making the classic ‘bird in a birdcage’ version sometime during my pre-school years. Having not made one since, I needed to revisit the production process! Whilst searching the net I came across a virtual Wunderkabinette that was littered with Peep Shows, Magic Lanterns and Optical Toys. Dick Balzer’s website includes curiosities that he has been collecting for over thirty years. The Thaumatropes were all beautifully illustrated objects, designed to amuse and delight.   

I decided to create a set of four, using the AFC colours and illustrated them with some animation-inspired scenes. I then printed them out, gave them a test run, and they worked! They are now for sale, along with lots of other incredible products on the AFC Rocket Hub campaign website. 

The finished designs

The finished designs