Showcasing A Year of Shoots

I come into contact with the craft and design world almost on a daily basis. A large variety of these artisans pass through our home studio for a photo shoot with my partner Yeshen Venema, who specialises in product photography for designer/makers. It’s always a pleasure to talk with many of them about their craft, discover how they’ve come to form their business and find out what their aspirations are for the future. One thing I’ve found is that we all share a common passion, which is to do what we enjoy and make it a pivotal part of our lives, whether it’s taking pictures, making jewellery, illustrating, animating or just creating.

Yeshen launched his business as a freelance photographer in October last year out of a desire to turn his passion into a full-time job. His interest in product photography grew out of time spent taking photographs for Nom Living, combined with a deep interest in the subject of still life. To mark his one year anniversary, Yeshen wanted to create a short film to showcase the quality and breadth of work that he had covered to date. When I hear the word ‘film’, I jump at the opportunity to create something where time permits, and in this case I had an idea that would be relatively simple to do, so I put a couple of days aside and set out to animate.

Whilst thinking about the film I figured that each one of the products had be crafted with the intention to ultimately sell, so the most suitable place to showcase them would be in a shopfront. I decided to create a shop for each category of product, with shutters and curtains that would reveal the products instore. I added a couple of animals by the shop fronts, and had initially animated them moving a little, but I found it distracted from the photos, so I in the end I kept them still. My mind was brimming with ideas of additional animated animals and other characters to populate the scene, but I had to restrain from creating too much work for myself, plus the point of the film was to showcase the photos, not the animation. In the opening sequence I experimented a little with some pixillation, a technique I would really like to explore further. I used it because it worked well thematically alongside the other photographs used throughout the film.

Below is the finished film for you to watch and enjoy. You can see more of Yeshen's beautiful work on his website.