Workstation Panda Horse

A few weeks back I became the new owner of a 'vintage' 2D animation desk, generously given to me by Uli Meyer, who was sadly closing down his animation studio in Camden Town. The ever-constant shift from analogue to digital, meant that these desks hadn't been used for a while and were in need of some love and affection.

The most wonderful thing about my new desk were the various marks and scratches, which had been etched into the wood through years of constant use, by a variety of talented artists. If only the desk could speak, I'm certain it would have an endless supply of colourful stories to tell.

The new desk couldn't have come at a better time, as there are a few projects underway at Panda Horse at the moment. One of them being a personal short film that I have been slogging away at in any extra hours I have free. Check out the pictures below to get a sneak peek of Workstation Panda Horse and the new animation desk, showing some of the drawings from the short film I'm working on.